Project statuses, TLC needed

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Sorry this post took so long to write up, the guy who usually does the blog posts got slammed with IRL work and didn’t get a chance to write anything until now. That’s not an excuse for no communication in the past couple of months though.

We enjoy Zero-One a lot, watching and subbing; it doesn’t take too much work to release it every week either. That said, we felt like there was little point in releasing a sub of a show that is getting a perfectly good one by an already established group, Over-Time.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’ve been subbing Rider since Double and still going strong. So please move on over to them for your Zero-One needs.

In regards to our other projects:
All of it has been translated, including the movies. It’s currently in final editing.
Up to episode 30 has been re-translated from the MCS initial release.
Up to episode 20 has been translated from scratch.
Akumaizer 3
Translated up to 14, hoping to find an editor go through it soon.

As the title suggests, we’re looking for a translation checker who can help check through some bothersome lines in Kuuga & Kabuto to get them out the door. If you’re interested, you can contact us via Twitter or email – ridertimefansubs(at)

Updates, status of projects

We’ve had a lot of questions since we started, so we would like to be transparent and address what’s coming.
Kamen Rider Zi-O
We have no plans to stop subbing it every week as we enjoy it. We have discussed going back and doing the episodes before we started, but we would like to prioritize other things that need work.
Masked Rider Decade 27/31 translated
There has been some delay in releases as behind the scenes, three translators split up the show and everyone picked which two episode arcs they wanted to do. The translator for 12 & 13 was behind schedule, but (bar another 4 episodes) the rest of the show is translated and in editing. The guys over at BerekeScrubs are helping with editing too.
We’re hoping to get another batch out next week.
We haven’t 100% decided yet, but we’re interested in doing the movies, exclude for the Den-O one as Decade has a very little role in it. The Net movies and Musical is still up for debate.
Tokusatsu Gagaga – 7/7 translated
Please comment to shame the translator finish the last remaining bits of episode 4 & 5 so we can release the batch.
Kamen Rider Zero One/Z1/01
No promises until we see what it’s like.
Kamen Rider Build
We like Build a lot, but we’re not too interested in jumping onto the V-cinemas, etc.
No plans to pick it up again.
Masked Rider Kuuga – 28/49 translated
Surprise, we’re doing Kuuga next. The scripts are based on the MidnightCrewSubs release, but with a new editing pass and the translation has been updated (30-50% roughly each episode). Most likely coming once Decade is all out. It will be using the blurays, so 60fps releases.
Masked Rider XXX – 6/XX translated
We’re working on this with another group, but they don’t want to reveal just yet. It will be released using the blurays. Not much else to say.
Akumaizer-3 10/38 translated
Doing Heisei Kamen Rider and 70’s tokusatsu goes hand-in-hand, right? One of the translators was surprised the show was unsubbed, considering how culturally significant it is, and randomly just starting working on it.