Kamen Rider Shinobi: 1-3 (Complete)

Surprise! We teamed up with EarthlySubs, who contacted us to translate the show for them. This was a rather tough job that we managed to just about get done by ear and much discussing of handling the ninja-related stuff. If captions come out for the show, we’ll probably do a v2 just to make sure it’s perfect (as it can be).
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If you want to learn more about the translation choices, read below.
Rainbow Serpents
The villains of the show, 虹蛇 (Niji hebi). Could have gone with snakes, but Serpents sounded better.
Dark Ninja
The villain, 闇の忍者/yami no ninja, which we translated as Dark Ninja.
Iroha & Ren
Iroha refers to Rentaro as niichan/big brother, so rather than clunkly using “bro” or some variation of that, we went with Ren.
Rentaro & Iroha are friendly with Isamachi and called him イッチ/Icchy.
The preview narration
Almost every line contains a hard -ppo word because of the emphasis of ninpou/ninja arts in the show, including the episode titles First NinPOW, Next NinPOW & Last NinPOW. We’ve tried to follow suit the best way we could.
Ninja Arts
Another for the Naruto fans, 忍法/Ninpo is the general magical thing for ninjas.
Clone Technique
If you’re a fan of Naruto, you’ll be familiar with this one. 分身の術/Bunshin no Jutsu is a technique to make multiple clones of the user.
Flame Escape/火遁 / 水遁, etc
Most of the attacks are Elemental kanji + 遁/Ton. Ton is a kanji from 遁術/tonjutsu, “ninja art of escape”. You could literally translate the attacks Flame Escape or something, but after talking with a native about it, the meaning doesn’t feel like that. It just “sounds like a fire ninja attack”.

I’m sure there’s others. I’ll add them when I remember.