Kamen Rider Zero-One: 02

Thanks Gus for the raw as always.

Another fun episode.

For this week’s joke, we had to find ways to make the following sentence work:
輝け!社長なのに 新入シャイーン

It translates to: Shine! I’m a employee but I’m a new shine!

The word for “employee” in Japanese is shain, and is pronounced exactly the same as the English word “shine”.

Here’s our list of attempts:
Let me illuminate! I’m the President but I’m not bright!
Let me illuminate! I may be a new president, but my future’s briiight!
Let me illuminate! I’m a new president, so there’s no precedent!
Let me illuminate! I’m the precedented new president!
Let me shine! I’m the new President but I’m not fine.
Smile for me! I’m the President but gave no precedent.
Lights on! My new employment takes precedent!


Ultraman Taiga – Cancelled

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By us, not in general.
Tsuburaya announced recently that they would be releasing Ultraman Taiga worldwide in 2020, so to support the official release, we’re stopping doing our sub. We’re all for official subs (and Tsuburaya needs all the support they can get after the years of legal battles and financial troubles!).
We decided to do this a few weeks ago, but um, kinda forgot/busy/lazy to post about it.

Sure, it does suck waiting until 2020, but you can watch the episodes (without subs tho) on Tsuburaya’s official YouTube channel now.